ESL for the Trades

The ESL for the Trades class was designed to introduce ESL students to various trades and the training and career opportunities within those trades.

The language acquisition aspect of the course is built on the theory, as outlined by Stephen Krashen that, “...subject matter teaching in a second language, when comprehensible, is language teaching, because it provides comprehensible input.” The key for ESL instructors is making this content comprehensible for our students. The course outline shows the main components of the pilot course and provides some ideas for organizing a Trades ESL class, and the resource list and example materials provide ideas on making this content comprehensible for our ESL students.

Moreover, this type of course could be developed for several different career areas, such as Allied Health, Business Technology, Automotive and other programs. At the lower level of ESL classes, students could explore broad areas of careers, and as they advance in the ESL program they could focus on particular training and career objectives. By raising students’ awareness of career opportunities and giving them the language skills they need to pursue those opportunities, we can enable our students to pursue satisfying and rewarding careers.

Course materials

  • Introduction
  • Syllabus
  • Course Outline
  • Example Materials
  • Resources
  • Notes on TPR
  • Ideas for Future Courses