Middle to High School Curriculum & Activities

Career Exploration Websites

National Bureau of Labor Statistics

This resource offers a vast website of economic and job information – it also has a career exploration tool just for kids.



The Pierce County Construction Partnership has a terrific search engine of local jobs, apprenticeships and training opportunities.


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Preschool to Elementary Curriculum & Activities

Fun Websites for Little Builders

Architecture, Building and Construction links for kids

This website features many hands-on activities for elementary-age children, and interesting facts about famous construction projects, such as Seattle’s Space Needle.


Construction Activities for Children

With birthday party ideas and coloring pages, this is a great site for little construction workers in the making.


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Construction Math Toolbox

Course Overview

The Construction Math Toolbox combines fun, industry-required math lessons with supplemental academic and career guidance information. It was developed by the CCE with numerous state and local partners for the Transition Math Project. The lesson plans align with grade level expectations for 8th, 9th, and 10th grades as a bridge to Essential Academic Learning Requirements identified in the College Readiness Standards.  Teachers can use this toolbox to practice problem solving for the WASL, and to help older students prepare their portfolios and/or culminating projects needed for graduation.

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